Silverback Trio brings an exciting energy to the Twin Cities jazz scene by fusing high-energy melodies with atmospheric harmonies through composition and improvisation. An aggressive and sometimes meditative style of music encompasses a broad range of textures all the while remaining in a ‘jazz’ type of sphere making for a surprisingly broad appeal. A unique, diverse, expansive sound for essentially a bass/drums/sax line-up. Silverback Trio is David Hirsch on keyboard and saxophone, Byron Johnson-Blanchard on drums, and Brent Wallace on bass.

David Hirsch is a freelance saxophonist, multi-instramentalist, composer, and music educator based out of the Twin Cites.   David graduated from McNally Smith College of Music in 2009 with a  Bachelors degree in music performance focusing on woodwinds.  He can be heard performing in the groups AMO (the Adam Meckler Orchestra), Soul Tight Committee, The Power of Ten, Improvestra, and Silverback Trio.

Byron Johnson-Blanchard is a drummer, composer, bandleader, and music educator based out of the Twin Cites. Since graduating from McNally Smith College of Music in 2008, Byron has performed with renown Twin Cites musical acts such as High & Mighty, Tom Hunter, Vintage Raggs, Zacc Harris, Mill City Hot Club, and Papa John Kolstad. He is currently a member of Silverback TrioBZB Trio and Mojo Stereo. Byron also leads and composes for Amethyst 3, a trio that features Park Evans on guitar and Josh Granowski on bass.

Brent Wallace is a bass player and composer who has performed in Media Addicts based out of the Twin Cities.